Duration: 10 mins/Color & B/W
Producer/Director: Arti Jain

Toff is the story of a man’s battle with his misfortune and his inability to reconnect with life again. Toff, an everyman, becomes representative of how one blow of misfortune can lead to complete loss of dignity where a person is judged merely by his outwardly appearance.

2 thoughts on “Toff

  • Dear Arti Jain,
    I am writing from King’s University College Library at the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario Canada. We are an academic library and would like to purchase a DVD copy of the film “Neither Milk, nor Yogurt” with educational public performance rights (PPR) for viewing in Canada. Please let me know if the DVD is available for purchase and the cost? Does the DVD include CC or English subtitles?
    Thank you.

  • admin

    My apologies for taking so long to reply. There was an error and I wasn’t getting messages from this site. Please email me directly at CONTACT AT CRISPCREATIVES.COM and I will make the film available to you.

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