Story Workshops

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Individual Coaching : Get help for your writing project, presentation, business pitch or more. Individual attention, quick feedback and frank appraisal.

Brand Storytelling : Your brand is more than your logo. It’s the emotion that your brand evokes and the expectations that it raises in the users. Your brand is the story that makes people buy or engage with your product.

Corporate Training : Gathering together, creating and sharing stories is the oldest human form of communication…and the most effective. Organizational storytelling workshops help employees learn to knowledge share, develop trust and commitment, create lasting emotional connections with collegaues and create oral history of an organization.

Social Media Storytelling : Are you a brand trying to do something innovative on social media? Are you a travel blogger, a food blogger, a tech blogger trying to find a unique way to grab attention? Lets think up some ideas and them lets play them out on the vast and vibrant canvas of social media.

College Admissions Essay Consultation : A college app essay reflects all that you are without becoming your paraphrased resume. Workshops and one-on-one consultations help in drawing out the best qualities and helping put them across in the most honest and interesting way.