Contact for…


  • Ease and familiarity with both fiction/narratives and non-fiction (Documentaries, informational videos, corporate videos , training videos etc.)
  • Work experience across all media- Film, Video and production for the web
  • Familiarity and ease with the technical as well as creative aspects of filmmaking

Executive Production

  • Putting together a production and/or post-production team that is powerful, strategic as well as cost-effective
  • Guiding the overall creative progress of the show including the story graph over the course of a season
  • A to Z: Development, Budgeting, Scheduling, Production et al.
  • Run interference between channel and production house

Post Production Consultation

  • Identification and strategizing of appropriate digital editing work-flow
  • Graphics and Effects design and supervision
  • Ensuring form and content quality check as well as control

Media Consultation

Media Training/Teaching (Group or personal)

  • Training of ENG crews (Shooting for Edit, Camera and On-air presentation)
  • Post Production training (Script writing, structure, Use of sound, Using NLE systems)
  • Cinema- Indian Cinema and World Cinema (History, Theory, Criticism)
  • New media (Understanding power and importance of the web, social networking and online marketing)
  • Public Speaking and Soft skills training